Yes this was my secret to those that didn’t know. This is my second ever blog so I thought I’d tell you a little about me and my bump. I’ve actually not wanted to broadcast it on social until now. I think I was scared of jinxing it or something. I know lots of people do like to tell people after their 12 week scan, and that’s absolutely fine but I just kept getting nervous. Is that silly!?! We also really enjoyed telling people ourselves face to face to see their lovely reactions. Anyway here I am now at 25 weeks and counting. Nearly at the 100 day count down, yey. These pics are actually from our holiday when I was around 22 weeks so a little smaller but I’ll be sure to show some of me now soon.


I’m really enjoying being pregnant. I was very lucky not to have any sickness in the early stages but looking back I was much more tired at the time than I realised versus now. It’s almost like I’ve got a second wind and I have more energy than ever. I’m still running at 100 miles an hour at work and at home, getting things ready for our little arrival.

I find what really helps after a full day at work is getting into a nice warm bath (not too hot though says the Midwife and every other book I’ve read!), putting on some relaxing music. I’m a sucker for classical music and I recently discovered Islands Essential Einaudi by Einaudi Ludovico. It’s incredibly soothing and almost tells a story in itself. I’ve never felt so relaxed listening to his composing. They say if you introduce the little one now to soothing music it may help them settle out of the womb. Well there’s no harm in trying. Any other recommendations I’d be willing to try??


I think I look quite small for 25 weeks. I try not to compare myself to anyone else to be honest as every pregnancy is different, some people say I have a nice ‘at the front bump’ and some say I don’t really look 25 weeks. My 20 week scan showed everything was okay so I’m sticking with that.

Although we decided not to find out the sex, I don’t know why but I always refer to him as a boy (Will – my husband thinks it’s a girl). I think it makes it easier when talking to him (there I go again!). Yes it can really hear me now so I try to talk to it as much as I can although I must sound like a lunatic!! He’s moving around much more at the moment which I love. Even when he wakes me up in the night, I can never get mad with him because it’s his way of telling me that everything is okay ;). Oh and clearly I really don’t mind if I have either a boy or girl. I just can’t wait to find out now. I’m glad we waited though as guessing is fun.


I actually didn’t really feel him until about 21 weeks when I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago. At my 20 week scan they told me that I had an anterior placenta (at the front) so it has pretty much muffled all the kicks and punches to date. Looking back though I think I may have felt him about 18 weeks but I’m really not sure. Anyway he is definitely making up for it now. I never felt the butterflies or popcorn pop that I was told I would feel, he just moved on to whopping kicks instead! So try not to worry if at 16 weeks you are not feeling anything. If the midwife is picking up a heartbeat then all should be fine. My Midwife was so lovely she let me record the heart beat so whenever I was having any doubt I could listen to it to make me feel better. I’m not going to lie though just before every midwife appointment I was petrified something was wrong.

There are so many books and Apps out there but I’ve found the best book is A Rough Guide To Pregnancy & Birth. It’s great it takes away all the seriousness of it and just says it how it is. I do look at the occasional app too which I’ve found really useful.

Is there anyone else out there around 25 weeks, got any stories to tell. Things to recommend? Or anyone either pregnant at any stage or not at all but got some good advice? I would love to hear about everything!!?? I am still learning so much.

Lots of love

Me and the Little Bean xx

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