5 Reasons Why Mum Needs To Be In The Photographs

mum and son on bed giggling really happy for mothers days

Okay so I’m going to do things a little bit differently. I normally do a lovely blog showing all the lovely mums I’ve captured over the years, but as I’ve only just done my best of 2018 video the other week, I wanted to chat about Mother’s Day differently and explain the 5 reasons why mum needs to be in the photographs.

The amount of mums that book a family portrait session with Little Beanies Photography and say “I don’t want to be included in the photo shoot” is unbelievable. Do you know how many end up not having any? None! Do you know how many hate them! None! So far anyway. So I must be doing something right.

My Story

Can I tell you a little personal story? So just over 4 years ago my life changed forever. Little Louis (my now 4 year old) was brought into the world. Although I was a photographer myself, I look back, and I’m not in many photos at all when he was really little. Well decent ones anyway. I now regret not hiring a photographer. I honestly thought I could do it all myself but life was hectic enough as it was trying to survive the first few months. So when my second child, two years ago arrived, I’d learnt from my regrets, and I did everything, even captured my birth!

I know I wasn’t feeling my best at all!

Yes I know I was probably over weight (I’d just had a baby!), I wasn’t feeling my best but I look back at those pictures, I really don’t care and the feelings all come rushing back. Can you imagine that feeling? The emotions, the new connections I had with my gorgeous husband when my little boy came into the world? It actually helps me resonate back to my first too. The power of an image is incredible. This is me and my boys. Obviously you may not want to have a birth photo shoot but you may be interested in a First Days Photography, Newborn photo Shoots or even my first year packages so you really don’t miss a thing.

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Lisa and family from little beanies photography enjoying being together as a family

So below are the real reasons why when you say those words “I don’t want to be included in the photo shoot”, just have a little think about the following:

1. It’s not just about you. Yes it’s true.

I know that sounds extremely harsh but it’s true. I find it so difficult too. I love being behind the camera. But I also appreciate great photography and the power of it. Try not to think about you in the photos but how your family will love looking back at their mum holding their hand, giving them cuddles, going on adventures in the woods. Do it for them. So they can look back on their childhood with joy for many years to come. Even if it’s getting someone else to take a picture when you’re out, instead of you doing it all the time. Just make sure it happens.

mother and son kissing beside the window enjoying cuddles

2. Creative Angles

The beauty of Little Beanies Photography is that it’s always about capturing life as it is. Little posing is required and I work incredibly well with my angles and create the most flattering photos. Close ups of faces touching or hand holding. I love to capture the raw emotion.

3. No Posing – Time to be just you

Not having to pose in a photo means no cheesy smiles so you can really be yourself and I can get the best from you and your family. I think people feel really self-conscious when photographers say cheese. You can be sure that doesn’t happen on my sessions and we just have bundles of fun!

mother and daughter on mobile phone together enjoying the sunshine through the window.

4. What do you have to lose?

N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Absolutely nothing! Not sure I can make that any clearer. You don’t have to have them plastered all over the walls if you don’t want to. Just create a really personal photobook or something similar that you can get out occasionally. Trust me you won’t be thinking the same things in a few years as priorities change and we just don’t quite care so much. Just think in 20 years we will wish we looked like we do now. Ha!

snuggles with baby boy and mummy on chair whilst nursingnewborn photo shoot Kenilworth with baby Tianna

5. It will help you reminisce about the past

How quickly do those first years go when having your little ones? I can’t believe I have 2 and 4 year old who starts school this September. When people book me for my Little Beanies First year Package they can’t believe it when an entire year comes around! Being able to look back will bring back all those nice feelings, especially when the teenager years start. Ha ha.

I know there is no changing some people. But I have to say every client that has said no has honestly loved their photos. If a professional photoshoot is something you would like to do then do not hesitate to get in touch and request a brochure to find out more about me or even book a session. They start from only £75. No regrets. Just capture it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out the 5 reasons why mum needs to be in the photographs.

To all those amazing mums out there. Happy Mothers Day Celebrations. Make sure it’s about you as the other 364 days aren’t right!

Lots of love

Lisa xx

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All images were taken by Lisa from Little Beanies Photography. Lisa specialises in relaxed at home photo shoots in newborn photography, family photoshoot and maternity photo sessions too.

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