BILLY_WEBREADY-59I could tell Hannah and Tom were a little bit nervous when I walked in but as soon as we got chatting and they realised it was actually going to be lots of fun and not a lot of posing they soon started to relax. Hannah very kindly put a review together for me to tell you how she felt when looking for a family photographer. Why not have a read…..?

“I spent the whole of my pregnancy looking for a baby/family photographer! I knew that those precious newborn moments weren’t something that I wanted to miss and I just knew I would regret it if I didn’t find someone. I had an idea of the types of images that I wanted to capture.. I didn’t want anything too posed and I didn’t want to use any props, back drops or frilly outfits like so many of the newborn photographers do. I wanted something really natural, and just to capture that pure babyness! I emailed so many photographers (probably in excess of 30!) to see what they could do and not one of them was the style that we were looking for. I was so disappointed. I gave up and decided that I would take some photos myself. But, once Billy arrived, I realised I was definitely not a photographer! I found Little Beanies through a Google search and I just could not believe how perfect it was. Little Beanies was EXACTLY what I was looking for. And I was so pleased to find that Lisa was in our price range, and we were so grateful that despite her busy schedule, she was able to juggle things around and fit us in on Billy’s 1 month birthday!

I was a little worried about being in the photos. Having just had a baby, I really didn’t feel at my best and was a little nervous to be in front of the camera. But, Lisa was just so friendly and made me feel so comfortable, and actually, it was quite enjoyable!

We were so excited to see the results, and were so pleased when our little package arrived earlier than expected as she said she would get them done for Mother’s Day. The photos were far better than I could have imagined. We still can’t stop looking at them! We now have a session booked when Billy will be six months old and another just before he turns one and we can’t wait!”  BILLY_WEBREADY-61 BILLY_WEBREADY-64 BILLY_WEBREADY-1 BILLY_WEBREADY-3 BILLY_WEBREADY-5 BILLY_WEBREADY-66BILLY_WEBREADY-6 BILLY_WEBREADY-7 BILLY_WEBREADY-8 BILLY_WEBREADY-9 BILLY_WEBREADY-10 BILLY_WEBREADY-12 BILLY_WEBREADY-13 BILLY_WEBREADY-14 BILLY_WEBREADY-17 BILLY_WEBREADY-18 BILLY_WEBREADY-19 BILLY_WEBREADY-20 BILLY_WEBREADY-22 BILLY_WEBREADY-23 BILLY_WEBREADY-24 BILLY_WEBREADY-25 BILLY_WEBREADY-26 BILLY_WEBREADY-28 2016-03-09_0001 BILLY_WEBREADY-31 BILLY_WEBREADY-34 BILLY_WEBREADY-35 BILLY_WEBREADY-37 BILLY_WEBREADY-38 BILLY_WEBREADY-39 BILLY_WEBREADY-40 BILLY_WEBREADY-42 BILLY_WEBREADY-43 BILLY_WEBREADY-44 BILLY_WEBREADY-45 BILLY_WEBREADY-46 BILLY_WEBREADY-47 BILLY_WEBREADY-51 2016-03-10_0001 BILLY_WEBREADY-54 BILLY_WEBREADY-55 BILLY_WEBREADY-56 BILLY_WEBREADY-57 BILLY_WEBREADY-60 BILLY_WEBREADY-61 BILLY_WEBREADY-62 BILLY_WEBREADY-63

Thank you Hannah for you lovely words. You really did look gorgeous and you should be so proud of the little boy you brought in to the world, as you are doing an amazing job. I had already sent them my ‘Watch Your Little Beanies package’ as they had asked about it so as soon as I left before they even saw the pics from the session they really wanted to book me so they could capture little Billy in the same style when he is 6 months and then one year. Find out more about my ‘Watch Your Little Beanies Grow’ package here. This has grown now due to popular demand. It’s such a great way to document your little one during the first year, never missing those key milestones, it keeps your photos consistent by using the same photographer and style and it also saves those pennies too. You can find out more here.

Lots of love

Lisa xxx

Why not have a look at Baby Beatrice who was only 5 weeks old.

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

I would love it if you had a look at my work here and if you would like any further information please contact here

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