This is how I coped with chicken pox with both my two boys at the same time. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while but I thought chicken pox had gone away but more and more people seem to be mentioning their kids are still getting it so I thought writing how I coped with chicken pox may help or for anyone who is still in the waiting game.

I did think Louis had chicken pox when he was months old but clearly not or a very mild version including three spots. I think I must have been hoping. We knew it was on the horizon as both of them had come into contact with their cousin literally to the day two week before. Louis was first. Literally just a spot and then within hours he was covered. He appeared to have it worse than his brother. Is it bad that I was praying we could get it out of the way in one go? Billy was just two days later. For us day 3 was the worst when they start really itching but literally within another day they had calmed down and by day 5 the itching had pretty much stopped and the scabs were dropping off.

coping with chicken pox things to do when kids have it

We stocked up on these goodies, these were my absolute life savers:


Piriton (children’s liquid version) – we tended to give it just before bed to help through the night.

Poxclin – was awesome. We actually didn’t bother with camomile at all because of this. Really helped with the itching and covered large areas.

Aveeno – Oat bath – we bathed them overnight. Really helps soothe the spots

Calpol – to help with any pain they are in. We actually didn’t use much as they seems to do well with just Piriton

I am not a doctor so this is just what helped me during this time so I hope it helps you. Please check all ingredients etc and directions on how to take to be safe.

Obviously what come with chicken pox is the staying away from every child possible. We couldn’t go to one of Louis’ best friends parties. He was distraught but what we did was had fun at home. We couldn’t go to nursery either so we had lots of time in the house. Luckily the weather was nice

Things to do when your children have chicken pox

I used this as an opportunity to spend some time with the kids. I’m lucky in that being self employed with my business Little Beanies Photography, I could just juggle some of my work around but it meant I worked til midnight for a while as didn’t have anyone to help me with my work load and I did have to call upon family when I had to go and do a photoshoot but we managed. These are some of the things we got up to:

Made a den – the boys loved it and we made huge ones using everything we could find around the house.

Made some cookies – I scheduled this in whilst my youngest had a sleep. It meant I could fully concentrate on Louis for a bit. Plus we got to eat some yummy biscuits after which is always going to cheer them up.

Read books – it was such a nice opportunity to read to the boys together. I pretended it was circle time like they do at nursery.

Outside assault courses – Billy my one year old didn’t really get it but Louis loved being challenged. He had to do it as fast as possible. I just created it out of things I had in the garden. So he had to do 10 star jumps, ride on his bike around the tree 5 times. Go down the slide – you get the picture! He was shattered so it def helped him sleep at night.

Played Pirates – I totally made this up. Louis had to try to get passed me to the other side without me tagging him! He liked it anyway!

A boat box – I found the biggest box I could and turned it into a boat, then a car, then eventually it became a tv screen where the kids did shows! It was hilarious and now becomes a regular game in our household.

So this is just how I found coping with chicken pox. I hope this helps as I didn’t have a clue and it can be a long few days.

Thanks for reading.

Lisa xx

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