Why Family Photographs Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Looking for some great ideas for Christmas presents? Here’s why Family photographs make the best Christmas gifts, whether you are giving printed pictures to family members or buying someone a voucher for their own family photo shoot this is a gift everyone will love to get!

Some of the most popular requests I get are for either family photo shoot gift vouchers at Christmas time for people to give as gifts, or prints from family photo sessions so people can give them as gifts.

So, what are the benefits of family photographs as Christmas gifts?

Benefits Of A Family Photoshoot

There are many benefits to having a family photoshoot. Not only does it help you capture a moment in time with your family that you can always treasure.

The images from the shoots make great gifts for family and friends. You could give them as gifts all year of course, but there is something special about giving (and getting) them as a Christmas gift.

You can have printouts of your session framed and give them as gifts to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc which is a much more personal gift and one that is often very sentimental to those who get it

There are lots of ways you can give family photos as gifts, of course giving it framed is the most traditional way. But I’ve also seen people put them on keyrings, fridge magnets and even mugs!

Why Family Photographs Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Family Pictures Make A Really Affordable Christmas Gift

The other great thing about giving family photos as a Christmas gift is that it can be a really effective way of keeping costs down at Christmas while still giving a really thoughtful sentimental gift to those you love.

Christmas costs can really start to mount up, but if you have already had a family shoot done, not only are you able to enjoy the images from it but it’s easier and much more affordable to then use those as Christmas gifts.

What Style Of Images Make A Good Gift

When it comes to the theme or style of images you give to family as a gift you can, of course, give traditional studio-style images but I tend to find that the best images are either ones taken at home or even better ones from an outdoor shoot.

You could make the shoot winter themed to give it a winter theme, especially if it’s snowy when you take the images outdoors. With everyone in winter hats and boots.

Or it could be that you have your photographer take the images at home, with everyone around the fire, mugs of hot chocolate and warm fluffy socks, and Christmas jumpers on!

Or you could decide to go with an autumnal feel for the images. The whole family in matching autumn colours, outside playing in falling leaves with all the autumnal colours popping out of the images.

Or you can go for a full-on Christmas theme, with decorations, jumpers, sleighs etc.

Giving A Photography Gift Voucher As A Christmas Gift

Why Family Photographs Make the Best Christmas Gifts

Another wonderful gift idea for your family or friends is to give a photography gift voucher.

It’s a lovely gift to get all year round, but especially this year with budgets stretched families may decide that having their own photo session is a cost they just can’t stretch to but wish that they could.

Therefore giving a gift voucher they can use when it suits them is a really thoughtful gift that lets them capture their own family memories and enjoy the gift long after it’s been given.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on giving pictures or photography vouchers as a Christmas gift. Is it something you have done? Is it something you would like to do? Or is it a gift you would like to get?

Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to you can book your own family photography session with me to give pictures as gifts to your family. I also have vouchers available on my website too!

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