Struggling to find the perfect gift? Have you considered Family Photography Vouchers? Read on and I’ll tell you why they are the most memorable of gifts.

Family photoshoot with gift vouchers

Why giving Family Photography Vouchers is the most perfect gift

Giving the gift of a family photoshoot is like giving the gift of memories. With family photography vouchers, you’re giving the most amazing gift. A beautiful natural photo session in the location of their choosing, not bound to a studio, resulting in the perfect prints to treasure forever.

Just what they wished for

Many of the families who come to me as the result of being gifted a family photography voucher, tell me that they’d been wanting to have a family photoshoot for some time. They’d just been waiting for that mythical ‘right time’. A time when there wasn’t some other claim on their money, when the kids are less of a handful, when they’ve managed to talk their other half around to the idea, when they felt more confident in front of the camera. There will always be a reason to put off something that you consider a treat for yourself. But, the other thing that EVERY family says to me, is that they are so glad they finally got the chance to do it and they 100% wish they had done it sooner.

Family Photography Voucher

Comfortable and Confident

Providing a family with the opportunity to capture memories with a photo shoot is really the most amazing gift. You can be confident that from the very first time they contact me to discuss the shoot, I will do everything in my power to make their family photoshoot as perfect as possible.

I have honestly worked with some of the most camera-shy people out there, trust me!

Let me help

I make it a priority to put people at ease. When a subject is comfortable and feels confident, you get beautiful photos, it’s that simple. And when it comes to those gorgeous mini-humans, I’ve got plenty of experience there too! I am a Mum myself and I know that children can get easily bored and need an outlet for their energy, so I know exactly how to catch the perfect moment because those moments go by so fast.

Family sessions in the home are always a favourite, this is where families are most comfortable. If the kids want to wander off, we let them. They are the star of the show and we work around them.

Family Photography

Feel at Home

I make sure all of my sessions are totally natural and fun, and I never ask families to look at the camera or ‘strike a pose’, unless they have requested a specific set-up as often we do just get a couple. This way, I can create a calm and carefree environment that puts everyone firmly in their ‘comfort zone’. My approach is to have the family doing things they love, laughing, joking, playing football or kicking leaves. Leaving me to happily snap away in the background – capturing those real, heartfelt moments. This way, they can forget that I’m there all together, revealing their true selves in the family dynamic.

Family Photography

Family Photography Packages to Suit Every Occasion

Looking for something different to a family session? I have many different packages available, capturing all the different stages of family life.

My ‘Birth & First Days package‘ allows you to keep forever those very first seconds of life, the ones that barely register in the brain when so much is happening (you are amazing mama!). And no, I don’t mean that it’s all from the ‘business end’ unless that is what you specifically ask for, I promise I’m not squeamish. It’s however you want to capture the pure emotion you feel when your baby first says ‘Hello World’.

The ‘Bump, New-borns and Babies’ packages are focused more on the late pregnancy stage and the first month of life, celebrating the new life you’ve created – even before he/she arrives.

The ‘Day in the Life’ package, is when I spend literally a whole day with you and your loved ones, from cuddles and coffee in bed through to those bedtime stories. I’ll be there with you and recording it all.

Or if you want to capture the wider family on a special occasion then consider my ‘Celebrate’ package, I’ll come along and join your day whether it’s a Christening, Birthday or Bon Voyage party. I’ll be there, unobtrusively capturing those moments you might miss.

Family photography

A Family Photography Shoot That’s Perfect

Recipients of my gift vouchers can choose exactly when they’d like to use them. With a long expiry date of 12 months, they can be used any time of the year. So if they fancy a winter snowball fight and stories in front of the fire or pictures of the kids splashing around in the water on a hot summer day, then together we can find the perfect date for them and their ideal Family Photoshoot.

Bump to Baby

You can pay for a specific package, or put money towards one and let them decide which they prefer. Whatever you decide to do, you won’t regret this generous gift that will be so much more than just one day. And I know that they will thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

The gift of memories – something that lasts forever.

Family PhotoshootIf you would like to find out more or simply request a brochure then please do get in touch using the button below.

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Have you considered Family Photography Vouchers? Read on and I’ll tell you why they are the most memorable of gifts.



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