How to choose a family photographer

Photograohy of family on bed having fun as part of Family Photographer Warwickshire family photo shoot

Some of you may never have even considered hiring a Family Photographer Warwickshire before? You may have only thought about one for your wedding and never even realised you could have something similar for a family photo shoot or family photo session? Am I right? You have visions of having to go to a studio and you’re thinking this may not be right for me? Well I have news for you. Little Beanies is all about real, natural and most of all fun photography and you don’t even have to leave home if you don’t want to. Here are a few things to think about when hiring a family photographer Warwickshire and how to choose a family photographer to capture those special moments for generations to come.

Family Photo Shoot Style

There are tonnes of family photographers in Warwickshire out there with lots of different ways of taking photo’s and editing them. Its an art with many hours in the background perfecting their craft.  Do your research and look out for them on Instagram and Facebook. Try to go for quality over quantity. I’d much rather have 10 amazing photo’s than 100 not so good ones. Have a look at blogs so you can see the type of photo’s you would get if you were to have a shoot yourself. An example of a family photo shoot I have done is here.

Who is taking the Pictures?

It’s really important that you ‘click’ (forgive the pun) with a family photographer. Every photographer should have an about page to find out a bit more about them. Make sure you read it and get a feel for them. I think this is really important as you will be spending at least an hour with them. Plus they may even becoming to your house and I appreciate it maybe a bit weird someone you have never met just rocking up to meet your kids. Look at their reviews too. Here are some of mine on google. Also make sure it’s actually them taking the photo’s too. Some companies have a team. It’s just little old me you would meet at a shoot with me. I would also be more than happy to have a chat with you about anything beforehand to plan the session if you’d like too.

So you can really get to know me I have created a series of what it’s like behind the scenes on a photo shoot with Little Beanies Photography. If you didn’t see it before, here it is again, click here.

Where would you like the family photo shoot?

Would you want a session inside or out? This is really important when looking at how to choose a family photographer. My advice would be to look at what photographers are taking pictures of? I personally love both but some specialise in outdoor and feel more comfortable. I have lenses that work in the lowest light and in the smallest rooms so don’t be put off if you are worried about the size of your house or how light it is. I’m also happy to do a mixture of both too as I think it’s great to have a combination of the two especially with kids it gives them a new environment to play about in and have fun. Being in the home or a location that is familiar means I can really get the best out of everyone too.

Here are a few family photoshoot examples in a gallery for you to have a look at.

Family Examples

If this sounds like a session you’ve be interested in the do please get in touch. I hope this has helped you decide on How to choose a family photographer.

Lisa xx

Family having a photograph taken at this families photography shoot in Warwickshire How to choose a family photographer

Family Photo shoot Stratford Upon AvonFamily PhotographyFamily photo studio Warwickbirthday photo shoot Stratford Upon Avon


All of the photographs above are photographs that have been taken by Little Beanies Photography, a family photographer Warwickshire

Lisa is a Warwickshire based photographer and the owner of Little Beanies Photography. Little Beanies is a photography company that specialises in maternity photo shoots, newborn baby photography, baby portrait photos and family lifestyle portraits. Little Beanies photographs use natural light to capture the precious moments in life and as a company they pride themselves on creating a fun, natural and relaxed environment where the photographs taken really capture true emotion and unique moments.

To view more of the Warwickshire photography companies work then please click here and if you have any questions or to make an appointment click here

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