In the Summer we went away to Portugal for a break and it was pretty difficult to ever get Louis out of this swimming outfit. So here it is a long over due life lately featuring Spiderman aka The Super Hero photo shoot.

Both Will and I said this was our best holiday to date with us as a four. Which is surprising when you never get chance to stop and relax but we just had the best time. I deliberately didn’t take lots of pics this time as I really didn’t have time so I just made sure I captured a day with each of my little boys. First up is Spiderman!!

This has given me an amazing idea! Why doesn’t Little Beanies do a Super Hero photo shoot package. Now I’m not suggesting that every photo is as a super hero like here but even if at the end they change into their favourite character. Just think how much fun that would be. In fact I have a lovely session to share with you in the next few weeks where we did exactly that! It was so much fun.

Louis is just hilarious. He just makes us laugh so much everyday with his silly sayings and allis learning. He loves spending the with his cousins too which he did on holiday. I can see Louis and Billy really starting to interact with each other now and actually get on. Its taken time but we are getting there. Love you to the moon and back Louis. Life has just so amazing with you in it gorgeous boy.

It’s a hard life being a super hero! Love you so much Louis. Louis is 2 and 9 months here. Soon to be three! Crazy where time flies.

Love to all

Lisa xx

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

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