Doesn’t he look like he’s about to take on the world? My gorgeous Billy. He’s growing so fast. My Life Lately posts have got few and far between as of late. I do try but it’s so difficult to fit it all in. So I promised myself today I would dedicate a day to them, just being them and here they are.

Billy is just 14 months and Louis 3 and 3 months. They are full on but wouldn’t change a thing. Billy said this morning ‘Mummy I love Everyone in my Life’ and then it’s normally followed by Arnie, Jess, Pippy, Poppa and Bigga (uncle Tom) we feature towards the end sometimes! But I love that he loves his family to bits. Billy just get’s on with it. He’s becoming very tough with a brother like Louis but it’s all character building right?

Just to remember this time I’m going to write the 10 things I love about my boys. Writing it down will mean I’ll never forget:

  1. Billy the way you grunt because you can’t talk but do it so politely
  2. Louis when you say “I’m just a little bit hungry so i just need a biscuit”
  3. Billy when you run with open arms and you cry when you see me at nursery
  4. Louis your concentration face when you’re doing your very important lego
  5. Billy when you belly laugh so hard you get the hiccups.
  6. Louis I love it when you tell me you need to tell me something when you know you’re in trouble.
  7. Billy your cuddles are just immense when you put your arms around me and won’t let go
  8. Louis when you now count to three yourself to get something done, so I don’t have too. In my tone too. Ha ha!
  9. Billy your gorgeous confused look with those vertical eyebrows
  10. I love our story time together and when you ask for a northern ‘hot cuppa tea’ and you tell me it’s ‘Barth’ and not ‘bath’ mummy!

There’s so much more I just don’t want to forget x

Love to all

Lisa xx

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

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