Website & Blog Launch

Yes it’s finally here! I just had to have somewhere to showcase my photography and show all you lovely peeps interested in my work, what I’ve been up to. I do hope you like it. I have a few people to thank though so bear with me.

Firstly for my ‘Little Beanies’ Brand logo design which my dearest friend Emma McShane helped bring to life. Thank you sooooo much.

Emma Bridesmaid our at wedding photo by Anna Clarke
Emma Bridesmaid our at wedding photo by Anna Clarke

I’m a marketer myself so I just knew I had to get this right. Little Bean has basically been my nickname all my life, as you can read on my site here. I actually bought the domain years ago and knew I would eventually use it somehow, so when my love of photography came together and the fact I get so much pleasure out of doing photo shoots for families, kids and babies (let’s not forget the bumps too!) it just made perfect sense.

With Emma’s amazing design skills we found something that I thought just worked so well to show exactly what Little Beanies is about – Real, Natural and fun photography. Thank you soooo much Emma, you have been a star and you are unbelievably talented at what you do. You have totally captured what I wanted.

I couldn’t have made it real without the notorious Adam Crohill, Creative Director & co-owner of Rock My Wedding & Rock My Style and a super dooper graphic and website designer. Thanks so much for putting up with my zillion changes. I love it!! Just pure and simple. If anyone needs any work doing why not take a look at Adam’s website – he’s great and I can’t recommend him enough.

Super cool Adam Crohill
Super cool Adam Crohill

I can’t go without mentioning another one of my bestie’s Mrs Charlotte O’Shea, Blog Queen and founder of Rock My Ltd (Rock My Wedding & Rock My Style Blogs). Life is not the same without these in your life so take a look. Charlotte has massively cheered me on to get this website launched and helped along the way encouraging me with my work. She also has the most adorable little Mabel too!

Charlotte O'Shea & family
Charlotte O’Shea & family

Anna Clarke is a huge inspiration and amazing photographer. We hired her for our wedding photography and been friends ever since. She’s guided me and given me hints and tips when I’ve needed them most. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone that let me use their photo’s on my site. Obviously this is an absolute must. Can you spot yourself or family??

I know there are tonnes of other people to thank too, including my lovely friend Lauren, but if I go on any more I will sound like I’m at some kind of awards event or claiming an Oscar or something. To all those missed off, I do really appreciate everyone’s help. Thank you!!

Hopefully I can offer a bit more than just pretty pictures with my blog. I’m looking forward to not only sharing my photography but blogging about anything baby related in some way or another. So watch this space. Lots of exciting updates to follow. Plus I have one big secret to reveal that I’ve not mentioned yet…

Please take a look and let me know what you think. And don’t forget to follow me too by clicking on the icons at the top of my website page or share below. Then you won’t miss out.

Enjoy and would love to know what you think….


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