MD0B0207Christmas has been manic for Little Beanies but I’ve loved every single minute of it. I’ve met loads of new families, large families and small teeny little people! My last session was on Saturday so a bit more editing to do and then it’s a Christmas break with the family before it goes crazy again in the New Year.

I mentioned in my last post about the tree. What is the best thing to do with a 1 year old and the tree? We have always had a real tree so we did for a minute think about a fake one but couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Not that there is anything wrong with a fake one but I just love the smell of a real tree and going to choose one. I want this to be a family tradition forever. Louis has just had to learn very quickly that he can’t just help himself to the decorations. Well let’s just say that the tree is quite bald at the bottom!! I’ve gone for the minimalist approach to tree decorating with having a one year old around.

The light when I took these pics was immense – I just had to capture it. This is Louis stealing a decoration. Monkey!


We got our tree from the lovely Barn Close Nurseries between Shrewley and Hatton. And it’s still going strong. It’s great because it’s on our doorstep and such lovely people work their too. I love buying local. Last time I mentioned Diana at the Crazy Kiln, well here it is – our gorgeous bauble. I’m just petrified of breaking it now! But def plan to do this again next year and make a lovely santa plate next time.



MD0B0221 MD0B0225 MD0B0227 MD0B0239 MD0B0240 MD0B0248

Louis loves his friend Hatty. It’s so cute now they can both walk. This is Louis greeting Hatty as she walks in and he gave her a big hug. Sometimes he can be a bit over the top and I think shortly after they were both on the floor but he definitely means well bless him. If he’s anything like his mummy, he likes a great big hug.


MD0B0270 MD0B0268

So what has Louis been up to recently? Generally keeping mummy busy now he’s on his feet loads! But most of all I’m having so much fun with him. I enjoy every second. Even when he moans we get through it. ‘The power of distraction’ is working really well. Not sure if there is such a thing but works really well for me when he wants sometimes, I just convince him he needs something else.

He was a little reindeer in his nursery play which was so cute. He’s still being really good and flexible which is great as he just gets on with it whether that be at his Nana C’s in Sheffield or Pippy and Poppa in Alcester. Were so lucky to have lovely family around us. We just can’t wait for Christmas now and to celebrate as a little family.

I hope you enjoyed week 28 & 29. Can’t wait for Christmas and I’m so excited for Little Beanies plans for next year. Lots of things going on and yes I’ve still got to fill you in on my very big decision. Coming Soon.

Lots of love

Lisa xx

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

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