MD0B0838It’s been a manic Christmas and the fact I am only just getting a second to update this says everything. Hence the 3 in 1 week but if I don’t do it I’ll be so annoyed with myself for not capturing my little boy. We’ve had such a smashing time with family and friends and Louis has loved it. He’s absolutely mastered ‘Wow’ when he see’s a present and ‘Ohhhh’ using facial expressions I just want to savour forever!

And just like that another year over. Where has that time gone? So we had Christmas Eve at my in-laws house. We absolutely love Christmas Eve at theirs. Then in the morning we set off about midday up the M6 to my brothers house in Cheshire where there were 22 of us so a bit of a crazy one but was hosted beautifully thanks to Helen & Nick.

Then in-between Christmas and New Year we met up with friends including a stop off at my best mate Emma’s house and also headed down to Somerset to celebrate my Nana’s 90th surprise birthday. Can’t quite believe she’s 90. It was so lovely to get all the families together to celebrate. We then headed to the beautiful village of Topsham in Devon with friends to end our year.

Louis is growing into a little boy now. Walking really well and totally mastered walking in wellies. It’s just been so nice to spend some quality time together over the festive period before the fun begins in January. Lots going on – busy busy!! Here are some pics from the last few weeks spending time with his lovely cousins all over the country.

MD0B0337 MD0B0356 MD0B0381 MD0B0452 MD0B0495 MD0B0510 Uncle Will showed Arnie a video to him from Father Christmas – just look at his face. Can’t wait for Louis to get excited about him.MD0B0567 MD0B0588 MD0B0593 MD0B0597 MD0B0601 MD0B0614 MD0B0616 MD0B0635 MD0B0645 MD0B0652 MD0B0659 MD0B0684 MD0B0690 MD0B0867 MD0B0934 MD0B0939 MD0B0944 MD0B0957 MD0B0966 MD0B0987 MD0B1028 MD0B1038 MD0B1047 MD0B1097 MD0B1110 MD0B1112 MD0B1128 MD0B1134 MD0B1152 MD0B1166 MD0B1170 MD0B1209 MD0B1254 MD0B1226 MD0B1270 MD0B1334 MD0B1376 MD0B1391 MD0B1397 MD0B1410 MD0B1425 MD0B1429 MD0B1443 MD0B1444 MD0B1448 MD0B1537 MD0B1545 MD0B1551 MD0B1552 MD0B1585 MD0B1610 MD0B1619

In this last picture this is my world! I love just gazing in and watching them. These are my favourite pics of everyday life. Just savouring the moments forever. So normal – just what we do. IT’s fair to say Louis is now climbing on everything so more of that next time.

Hope you enjoyed the last 3 weeks. Going to get back on track now!!

Lots of love

Lisa xx

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

I would love it if you had a look at my work here and if you would like any further information please contact here

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