It’s BBQ time. This weekend my husband was on his best mates stag which he’d organised in Budapest so I spent time with the lovely Jordan family. Jess and Tom invited me round for a BBQ as the weather was just so lovely with their friends. They have such a great garden for the kids to play in and Louis just loves watching his cousin Arnie play. He’s so going to look up to him in years to come. Arnie is becoming such a little character too and going to big school soon. I can’t believe how much they are growing up. So glad these two can grow up together.



So what’s happened to Louis this week – he has another tooth! So 2 at the bottom and one at the top. They are coming quickly and giving him a little grief but he’s dealing with them really well. He’s rolling but only onto the one side so I have to prop him up to the side of the cot as he was rolling over in the night and getting stuck. He’s also starting to give me little cuddles which I absolutely love as to those that know me cuddles are my absolute favourite thing!!!

I hope you like Week 8.

Lots of love

Lisa xx

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All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography.

I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

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