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Newborn Baby Photoshoot Leamington Spa at home with familyOh my goodness – aren’t these boys just the cutest? Ruth booked me because of the relaxed nature in your home to have a Newborn Baby Photoshoot Leamington Spa. They didn’t have to leave home and just captured life as it is in their very own home with her youngest son aged only 5 weeks old.

Indoor Newborn Baby Photoshoot Leamington Spa

I absolutely love shooting indoors. It’s so important on my Newborn Baby Photoshoots to feel comfortable and being at home is the best place to do this. My style of photography in the home, means there is very little posing as I want to capture the family as they are and being at home means that if the kids are hungry they can pop down for a snack, have snuggles with the other parent whilst I concentrate on the baby. We can have little breaks for feeds and settling. My clients particularly enjoy them when they have a sibling where a more structure environment may not suit a 2-4 year old.

A no stress Newborn Baby Photoshoot

There is never any forcing to ask the children to do anything. They basically run the show and we follow them around the house and when we see an opportunity I get everyone together. Whilst you’re having lots of fun, I’ busy chasing the light and selecting the best lens to not miss these precious moments.

The best time to have a Newborn Baby Photoshoot

This is by far the most asked question, especially when people find they’re outside of the 2 week window that many studio photographers ask for. For me anytime up to 13 weeks is Newborn time but people like to intepret in their own way based on this discussion. I don’t know about you but I never wanted it to end. If you want to find out a bit more about each stage then please do have a look on my post about the best time to have a newborn session with Little Beanies Photography.

Why mum needs to be in the photos

Often my mum’s say I don’t want to be in the pictures, and that is absolutely fine if you don’t want to be in them but I do encourage it because every time I do the mum’s are so so happy I made them. Plus how many times are you actually in the photos as it’s normally you taking them? Have a read in more detail about why mums should be in the photo’s. It may shocked you.

Please have a little look through Ruth’s photos from her Newborn Baby Photoshoot Leamington Spa. If you like what you see or want a bit more info then please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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newborn baby and family on bed having a photoshootLittle Beanies photogrohay captures the tiny features of a Newborn baby on her photoshootsnewborn baby smiling at 5 weeksNewborn baby having a yawnnewborn baby looking at camerafamily together having photos taken on bed at home in relaxed setting with Little Beanies PhotographyLittle Beanies photography family photoshootmum with toddler having cuddlesLittle boy sucking thumb on photoshoot as tired

All images on the Newborn Baby Photoshoot Leamington Spa  were taken by Lisa from Little Beanies Photography. Lisa specialises in  family photography, maternity photography too and has a range of baby photography packages to suit you to capture the best times and take the pressure off you.

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