barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-73With only 3 weeks to go until my due date I am finally getting around to blogging some of my lovely sessions. Bekki, Dan and Florence were just fantastic and here is their newborn session following a bump session back in May, please have a look. Please have a look through her lovely pics and see what Bekki has to say about Little Beanies. All amazing – thank you! xxx

“I found out about Lisa through my yoga group Birthability and instantly loved her style of photography. I initially booked her for a bump and newborn shoot but once my little girl had arrived I couldn’t think of anything better than seeing her first year in gorgeous picture form, so I went ahead and booked the ‘watch your beanies grow package’.

My bump shoot was fabulous but the newborn shoot was even better. Lisa is a very talented lady! I’m really not a fan of dressing babies up in silly props and outfits and just wanted to capture my gorgeous girl in natural shots. Lisa delivered this brief spot on! I couldn’t be happier with the pictures and can’t wait to see the difference in Florence come 6 months and a year!”

This is a before and after pic – this is really surreal for some mummies and a great way to treasure those moments.  I’m now off to Birthability Yoga class myself and I have to say I cannot recommend enough. I go, I relax, I think about this my baby for the first time after running around with a toddler all day and then I have the best sleep of the week. Oh and meet some lovely people too whilst getting prepared for the birth of my baby.

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barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-31barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-35 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-36 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-38 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-39 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-43 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-44 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-45 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-47 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-48 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-50 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-51 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-53 2016-11-17_0002 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-67 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-69 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-70 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-71 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-72

barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-74 barber-family-6-weeks-web-ready-75

Thanks so much Bekki and Dan for booking me to capture this special time. I know she’s nearly 4 months now and time just goes so quickly.

Why not have a look at Baby Oscar who was only 6 weeks old.

Lots of Love

Lisa xx

All photographs taken by Little Beanies Photography. I am a photographer and founder of Little Beanies Photography specialising in bumps, babies and families. Little Beanies Photography is a fun, natural, relaxed experience using only natural light to capture the real moments in life.

I would love it if you had a look at my work here and if you would like any further information please contact here

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