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The newborn period is a magical time for any parent, but it’s also one that passes incredibly quickly. It can feel like your baby is changing at a super quick speed on an almost daily basis, which is why capturing images of them at this stage is so important.

However, for some parents, the idea of a newborn photo shoot is really daunting! So in this article, I want to go over some newborn photography tips for parents.

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Newborn photography is a special and unique time in your baby’s life. It is a time when they are so fresh and new to the world. That’s why a newborn shoot is so important You want to capture these precious moments so you can remember them forever.

So here are some newborn photography tips for parents to help you get started.

Best Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn Photography Tip 1:

Find a good photographer that you feel comfortable with. This is important because you want to be able to trust them with your newborn baby and the end results ie your photographs!

Make sure to look at their portfolio and read reviews from other parents before making your final decision.

It’s really important that you have a good relationship with your photographer which is why I compiled a list of questions you should ask your newborn photographer.

Top 5 Newborn Photography Tips For Parents 1

Newborn Photography Tip 2:

Plan ahead. Most of the time you will need to book your session in advance not only so the photographer can plan accordingly but also because the best photographers tend to book out quickly! You would be surprised how far in advance newborn photographers get booked out!

While this will also allow you to schedule around naps and feedings, this isn’t important to all photographers. I prefer a relaxed approach to my sessions, which is why most of my newborn sessions are in the family home or at a venue that suits the parents.

It means we can be relaxed and not stressed, we can work around the baby not the other way around. This makes everyone feel more comfortable and means we get the best images possible from the day!

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Newborn Photography Tip 3:

Be as prepared as you can be for a newborn photography session but also be prepared to go with the flow!

Yes, you can have all of the essential items ready such as a blanket, hat, outfit changes, and anything else you may need for the session.

However, babies will be babies and they won’t really be interested in the schedule or prep work you have organised for the photo shoot, they work to their own needs and their own schedule.

This is why it’s so important that you have booked your session with a photographer that understands this and is willing to be relaxed and flexible.

I have years of experience in taking newborn (and family) photography and I know that in almost all photo sessions things will happen that weren’t part of the plan!

Babies will cry, have blowouts, and need snuggle breaks and I know that sometimes it’s in these moments you actually get some of the best images most good photographers know that as well so don’t worry if these things happen.

Newborn Photography Tip 4:

Tip number 4 is one all parents have to pay attention to and that tip is to RELAX!

Not only can newborns sense when their parents are tense or nervous and they will react accordingly, but you will also enjoy the session less if you are all tense or anxious.

Try to take some deep breaths and relax before the session begins. This will help to make the environment more calm and relaxed for both you and your baby.

As I mentioned earlier in the article, remember to ask your photographer any questions you have in the run-up to your session and through the session to if it will help you to feel more comfortable on the day.

Newborn Photography Tip 5:

Ask to see examples of the photographer’s portfolio. One of the best ways of seeing if a photographer is a good fit for you is to see some of their previous newborn photography images.

This lets you get a feel for the type of images the photographer takes, poses, and themes and if other family members and children are usually included in the shoots.

Not only does that let you see if the photographer is the right one for you but it can also provide you with some inspiration for your own photoshoot.

Most photographers will have a gallery of their work on their website and further images they can show you before you book with them, so never be afraid to ask for examples of work.

Once you have seen some examples of the photographer’s work, you can also discuss the style of images that you would like to have during your own sessions.

Bonus Newborn Photography Tip:

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience. Your baby will only be a newborn once, this will be your only newborn experience with them so make sure you want to make sure you can enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Like I said earlier, just relax and know that your photographer will take their time to capture all of the special moments and details and you can just focus on enjoying this experience with your little one.

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