5 Top Tips on what to do with your photos on Instagram

Boy in the woods 5 Top Tips on what to do with your photos on InstagramIn this digital age, most of us have hundreds of pictures sat on our phones or laptops that we don’t do anything with, so with the festive season coming up (sorry – is it too early to mention?) I thought it would be a good time to share some thoughts on making use of them. Here’s my 5 Top Tips on what to do with your photos on Instagram or your phone.

My 5 Top Tips

Here are my top 5 tips on what to do with your photos on Instagram

1. Make a calendar 

Make a calendar featuring 12 of the best photos of your kids throughout the year, and give it to grandparents as a Christmas gift. You could make each picture link to the month in some way where possible eg. snowy pictures for January, beach pictures in summer, Halloween costumes for October etc… Photobox is great for this. Plus there are always great deals.

2. Make a Mug

Make a mug of yourselves! You could have your family picture printed on a mug – it makes a nice stocking filler for family members. Moonpig.com are great.

3. Make a themed Photobook

Create some themed photo books of your best photos from holidays, Christmases, festivals and birthdays – then you can delete all those old pictures that are taking up storage on your phone!

4. Hang them on the Wall

Print off your favourite pictures of your kids playing with their friends and hang them on string like a washing line using mini pegs – this looks great in a kids’ bedroom or play room. So ,many ideas on Amazon

5. Make a biscuit!

Tip number 5 takes the biscuit – you can literally have your photos printed on a cookie by contacting @customcookieco to make sweet treats your family will love.

If you would like some more professional pictures where mum is actually in the pictures for once why not treat someone or hint to your other half about a shoot with some lovely Gift Vouchers Available here.

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All images were taken by Lisa from Little Beanies Photography. Lisa specialises in relaxed at home photo shoots in newborn photography, family photoshoot and maternity photo sessions too.

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