Warwickshire Birth Photography at the Bluebell Centre Warwick {Baby Bella-Ann Zero Days}

So wow where do I begin. Birth Photography is the most incredible thing I have ever done (apart from give birth to my own babies, oh and marry the best husband in the world!) but it really isn’t that far behind. I was always a career girl until I lost my Dad back in 2010 and it made me think very differently about life. I was adamant that one day I would do something I loved that could work around raising a family. Those that really know me, know that I am a perfectionist, and I work hard to get to where I want to. I challenge myself all the time and one of my objectives in 2018 was to capture a live birth as Warwickshire Birth Photography. Please read on to hear all about it an the fantastic birth of Bella-Ann. I will always have a special connection with this family. So gorgeous inside and out. Thank you so so much for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible, empowering time in your lives.

Sarah’s Birth Photography Journey

When Sarah asked me to document her birth I absolutely jumped at the chance. Sarah is actually my fifth Warwickshire birth photography client, but for many logistical reasons and just the pure nature of uncontrollable elements a birth may bring, many do not happen. I was actually a few minutes late for my last one as she was not hanging on at all or for the midwife. Please have a look at my last birth photography client Vicky (also very special in my heart).

Sarah and Jordan were an absolute joy. We formed an incredible bond from the day we first spoke. I met them briefly before the birth and we had an instant connection and I just knew this would work. It’s so important to form this bond, especially as you are part of such an important moment of a mum to be’s life.

Sarah had been having pains for a good few weeks before and I was on stand by. It was so exciting and when I got the text to say the contractions were now taking her breath away I knew they were close. Sure enough within a few hours I met them at the amazing new Bluebell birthing centre in Warwick. I was very lucky to have a tour beforehand and if this isn’t an excuse not to have a third I don’t know what is. It’s such an incredible place and the staff amazing.

At the Warwickshire Birth Centre – the Bluebell centre Warwick

We arrived at approx 9.30am and I was able to document their entire journey. The laughing, the crying with joy, the pain, the pure emotion that comes with a little ones arrival. the emotions of labour are just so intense. And don’t worry there is no need to be squeamish. Although Sarah did ask me to capture everything, for her dignity I won’t be sharing all but she has allowed me to share pretty much everything else. For me though brith photography is not just about the baby being born. It’s about those unbelievable connections during birth you have with your partner, your mum in Sarah case and simply meeting your baby for the first time.

Sarah’s Experience of a birth photographer

These words are from Sarah herself and I just cried when I read them. Thank you so so much. I just so so love my job/passion:

“For anyone who is considering having a photographer at their birth I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough. I had a few people recommend her to me when I was looking into birth photographer after seeing someone else photos, I really wanted someone who I could connect with and for a friendship with, I also wanted someone who my partner felt comfortable with as I didn’t want him feel pushed out and awkward.

Before meeting Lisa we spoke on the phone a few time where I instantly felt like I was speaking to someone I had known for months. When we met it wasn’t awkward in the slightest which I was worried it was going to be. After we met I knew this was the lady I wanted to capture my birth, we texted regularly I kept her update about the pregnancy but she was also there for me in other aspects of my life too.

When I started contracting I kept her updated and we met her at the hospital, I was worried how I would be around the camera as I’m normally the one taking photos of my family but when we got there and I was contracting Lisa wasn’t trying to take control, she blended in and left me to do my thing but was there to offer words of support when I needed them.

After the birth she took some photos of myself, my other half and our daughter too which was so lovely. The photos speak for themselves, Lisa has managed to capture the most raw and beautiful moments.

I will forever be grateful to Lisa for being at my daughters birth from start to finish. She is the most wonderful, down to earth, kind lady/ photographer I have ever met. Thank you from the bottom of both mine and Jordan’s hearts.”

Thank you for taking the time to read the above. Now I won’t hold you in suspense any longer! Can I just take this opportunity to say how incredible (yes I know I’ve used the word a lot) Sarah was during her labour. This woman is determined and if it’s anything to go by then she is going to be so successful in life. I’ve heard some of her mazing ideas and I cannot wait for her to bring them to life. I’ve loved getting to know you Sarah. Thanks so much. I think you’ll agree even in labour Sarah is just stunning:

labour birth photography woman and man holding handssitting patiently in hospital during labourmum to be laughing during labour on gas and airmum in labour with gas and airmum holding hands with dad in birthing pool during labourmum using gas and air whilst waiting to deliver her baby in the birthing pool at warwick hospitaldad holding mum during labour for supportmum being brave in labour in birth pool in warwick with birth photographermum close to birth during labour using gas and airholding hands with dad in labour warwick hospital at blue bell midwife led birthing centre

Bella-Rose was born shortly after at 1.23am (but then the clocks went back which was great for all and extra hour in bed. As you can imagine I didn’t get the actual time as I was rather busy getting this.

I believe I’m the only Warwickshire Birth Photographer out there and if not then I’m really one a few so this is such an amazing achievement for me. Thank you so so much!!! I think my tired face just above says it all! I was absolutely over the moon! x

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Lisa very much knows that Warwickshire birth photography isn’t for everyone and that is why she has her First Days package which really does capture those first hours. If it’s more of a newborn or baby session you would like then she would be more than happy to chat through anything with you. If you would like to get in touch or request a full brochure then please do here:

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